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   Sheila Oxspring BSc, RSHom, MIAT,PGCE

          Homeopath and Allergy Therapist

                     What is Homeopathy used for?

I am frequently asked if homeopathy can treat this or that.

The answer is, that homeopathy treats the patient, not the condition.  It appears to work by assisting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Treating the patient is the important thing.    


Since I qualified in 1997, I have seen patients with a wide range of conditions. I hesitate to give a list of conditions because I would be bound to leave many things out.  Here is a generalised list of conditions which an audit of my practice shows I have been consulted for, by patients,  since I qualified in 1997, to give some idea of the range of problems which homeopathy may be used for :-


*Childrens illnesses.  Children of all ages with a wide range of conditions

 respond very well to  homeopathy.    

*Hormonal problems, What are often referred to as"womens problemns",

  difficulty in conception, issues with ovaries, hormonal deficiency

*Skin conditions of all kinds such as recurrent itchy skin, discolouration.

*Digestive disorders.  So many problems can occur such as tummy upsets,

 distension, inflammation, intolerances.  

*Respiratory conditions and breathing difficulties, discharges etc

*Ear, nose and throat problems such as runny nose, inflammation, itchy eyes

*Water works problems of all kinds

*Circulatory system problems such as poor circulation, cold hands and feet,

 racing heart.

*Problems associated with the mind such as fear, feeling down or worried,

 inability to sleep, shock and trauma, head pains 

*Pregnancy and childbirth problems

*Allergies of all kinds

*Generalised illnesses where there is tiredness and inability to recover from


*Arthritis, joint and Muscular problems of all kinds


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