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Sheila Oxspring BSc, RSHom, MIAT, PGCE Homeopath and Allergy Therapist          

                     Your Treatment

In order to find the right remedy for you as an individual, I will need to know a lot about you.  I will ask you to give details about your symptoms; how they affect you; the way you live; your medical history; your personality.  Anything you say is treated in the strictest confidence.  


Having taken your case, I then need to find the best remedy for you.  This may take up to 24 hours to consider.  If I do need to think about your case, then I undertake to post your remedy to you within 24 hours.  Otherwise I will usually dispense your remedy to you at the time of your consultation.  


After you have taken a remedy, we generally wait about a month before assessing your reaction to that remedy.  


Your first consultation usually lasts up to 1½ hours.  Follow up consultations last approximately ½ an hour.  During follow up consultations we assess your reaction to your remedy and decide upon further prescriptions.  


Generally the longer you have had a complaint, then the longer it takes to treat.  I will discuss the outcomes you can expect from treatment after your initial consultation.  Remedies are taken in either tablet or liquid form.  Tablets are allowed to dissolve in the mouth.  Nothing else should put into your mouth for 15 minutes before or after taking the remedies.   


NOTE:  There may be instances where I will advise you to contact your doctor to have tests and or discuss options.  

Treatment in no way promises or implies cure, but does promise an analysis of your case and suggestions for indicated remedy.


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