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Sheila Oxspring, BSc, RSHom, MIAT,PGCE

Homeopath and Allergy Therapist

     Costs and Payment

Payment, by cash or cheque, at the time of the consultation, is much appreciated.   Unfortunately, I cannot accept card payments.


Fees are as follows :

First consultation, about 60-90 minutes.  

Adults                                                                 -  £68

Children under 16                                             -  £63


Follow ups, about 30 minutes.

Adults, including students                               -  £48

Children und 16                                                 -  £43

Where large numbers of tablets are dispensed

an additional charge of £5.00 may be payable.


Home visits (local only)                                    -  £90

Follow ups                                                          -  £65


Allergy Testing, consultation  and advice     -  £68

Follow ups                                                          -  £48

Allergy testing only                                           -  £45

Allergy treatment      -  Variable depending on  

                                                                          number of allegies     

                                                                          for desensitisation

Acutes, accidents, etc. Variable, usually between £15 and £25.  Regular patients up to £15 unless a home visit is required.  It is always advisable to see your GP if you are concerned about your symptoms.  

Repeat prescriptions.  Sometimes after a period of well being, the patient needs a “booster” of the medicine that has helped in the past.  This can be posted to you at a cost of £10.  Please call for advice.  

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