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Homeopathic Remedies

Isn't it dangerous to use poisonous substances such as some plants and venoms?


Don't confuse homeopathy with herbalism or Chinese medicines. These work on the material level and the evidence would suggest that homeopathy works on an energetic level. Herbalists use the actual substance to treat people. Homeopathic remedies are the substance diluted so many times that there is none of the original posion or venom left in there, so they can cause no harm.




How do you know what symptoms a medicine can help with?


Remedies are tested on healthy adults who volunteer to take part in what we call a 'proving'. All their symptoms are reported and graded. This along with clinical experience goes towards forming a picture of a remedy that we can match to a patient suffering from similar symptoms. These provings are usually published and are going on all the time in colleges and education establishments. This means that new remedies are being 'discovered' all the time. We are now up to over 3000 remedies, so the job of the homeopath finding the best one for a patient is not easy! It may take a couple of different remedies before the improvement you want is achieved, or it might be the first one, or it may take longer depending on how long you have had symptoms and how severe they are.




What form do the remedies take? How will I know what to do with the remedy when I receive it?


The remedies come in many forms - pills, tablets, powder, liquids and so on - and what you get will depend on your homeopath. You will get full instructions on receiving your remedy for how and when to take it, things to avoid whilst being treated and what to do if you have any concerns. If you receive a remedy and are unclear about anything you should contact your homeopath and clarify any uncertainties. All the different forms effectively achieve the same thing but if you have any concerns about what you are asked to take then your homeopath will happily talk it through with you. I do have a policy of telling you what I am giving you, but some homeopaths prefer to allow the remedy to do what it has to and then tell you at a later date. Talk to them if this is something that concerns you, but bear in mind there are some remedies out there made of things you may prefer not be aware of!

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