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Homeopathic Treatment

Can you treat serious diseases, such as cancer?


There has been little research in this area to date and I think most people with a serious illness such as cancer would seek help from a medical professional first and foremost. Homeopathy is a complentary medicine - it works with any conventional treatment you may be receiving as well and can be extremely useful in relieving the side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and as pain relief and organ support. Homeopathy makes a valuable contribution to the care of cancer patients.


Is it true that homeopaths don't agree with vaccination?


Vaccination forms part of a different health model to the one that homeopathy does. It's simplistic to say homeopaths don't agree with vaccinations - it just isn't how we practice. We aim to increase 'herd immunity'. The considered view is that most homeopaths acknowledge there is anecdotal and scientific evidence to support arguments presented for and against vaccination. I believe that parents should be supported in making an informed and rational assessment on the long and short term implications of vaccination, so that they feel able to make their own decisions on this difficult issue.


Can you treat pregnant women and newborn babies?


Definitely. You can really see the impact of homeopathy when treating babies and children and many women have been helped with morning sickness, backache, fatigue using remedies. It's also very useful for the process of labour, childbirth and post natal care - contact me for more information. Some of the more common things helped in babies are colic, teething and complications from childhood diseases.


Will I be expected to stop my medication to be treated homeopathically?


Not at all. Homeopathy acts as complementary to any conventional medicine you are taking. The ideal of course is that homeopathy will contribute towards the healing process so that you no longer have to take any prescribed medication, but that is something that will be done in conjunction with your GP. Your homeopath wil be able to recommend substitutes to help if you are on steroid or cortisone creams for things like eczema or psoriasis.


I'm on HRT/the Pill - does this affect my treatment or its effectiveness?


No. Again, the ideal is that you would ultimately not need to continue HRT treatment, but otherwise homeopathy will work alongside both of these, and certainly will not affect the contraceptive effectiveness of the Pill.

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