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Your GP and the NHS

Can I be referred on the NHS for homeopathic treatment?


This depends on where you live and what your GP's opinions are about referring to a homeopath. In you live in Newcastle, Bradford on Avon, Tewkesbury, the Highlands and Liverpool you can be referred to a local homeopath.Some people may be able to get referrals to the homeopathic hospitals in London, Bristol, Tunbridge Wells, Liverpool and Glasgow. You can always ask your GP - a lot more are referring to non-medical homeopaths now. At the time of putting together this website there is a lot of press about whether complemntary therapies should be paid for on the NHS - I would be delighted to hear any thoughts you may have on the subject, as I believe it needs to be debated in an open forum.



Will my GP mind if I seek homeopathic help for something s/he is treating me for?


As a patient you have a right to find the help that you want and need without fearing what others might think or do as a result. What works for someone may not work for someone else and in the spirit of free thought people should be allowed to pursue whatever helps them the most. GPs these days tend to be more open-minded about complementary therapies and a lot accept that there are things that can be helped better using these therapies. With your permission your GP will be contacted to inform them that you have sought homeopathic treatment and in the ideal scenario would be that with their support and good homeopathic treatment you become better and they will support you in this as much as your homeopath. Remember their job is to help towards a cure for your condition as well, so it may be in their best interests as well as yours. Some doctors are not interested at all but don't let that stop you seeking help if you feel it would be benefical.



Will my private medical insurance cover homeopathic treatment?


Some PMI companies such as HAS and Healthsure will allow referrals to registered homeopaths but BUPA, PPP and Primecare will not cover you (this is correct at time of typing - please let me know if you understand different). If you are unsure then call your insurance company and ask first.

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